Setting up a Fukuda iP Camera/CCTV with my iPhone 6 & Macbook Air

Security is always a priority in households especially when the parents are at work. While my kids do not live with me anymore, I often wished I had a security surveillance camera to monitor their activities at home when they were little. Parents are always in the lookout for iP cameras or Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) that’s easy to use and monitor on the go. You might be interested in this Fukuda iP camera model FCM822-1PTMS for indoor use, which I got to review for the past three weeks. The FukudaCam FCM822-1PTMS is an IP camera that supports LAN and Wifi connection. Though I reviewed this iP camera as an outdoor CCTV , I will only show indoor images for security reasons.

fukuda IP camera box

Upon unboxing the Fukuda Camera FCM822-1PTMS, this is what was included:

1. Bracket + Nuts/Bolts
2. Power Adaptor
3. RJ45 Cable
4. Manual
5. Driver and Application CD installer (only for windows)

My connection and gadgets:

1. Macbook Air 2013 model
2. iPhone 6 with Globe GoSurf plan of 5 GB a month
3. Globe Broadband with ProLink modem and a 5 MB bandwidth

Like I said earlier, this particular model is only for indoor use but I was able to use this to monitor the outdoor activities of my home. Our house is situated in a corner lot and there is always a lot of activity in the area. Robbery in two homes across us made me paranoid that outdoor security must be monitored as well. The features of this iP Camera are very impressive.

– Remote Pan 290° / Tilt 120°
– With Built-in Microphone & Speaker
– With Built-in MicroSD Slot (up to 32gb)
– Night Vision (10 Infrared LED), 6m distance
– Indoor use only

Fukuda IP camera unboxed

Setting up the Fukuda iP camera

I had a bit of a challenge because the setup instructions were for Windows. I checked the Fukuda Cam review by Gadget Pilipinas and he was using Android and Windows so I had to call tech support for some assistance.  I am sure Macbook users like myself will be interested. Fukuda is in the process of developing a software for Mac users.

The iP cam can be viewed in the browser of my Mac via its IP address. However, I needed to have the camera paired with my router first. I followed this setup guide :

Fukuda IP camera setup

Pairing to my iPhone is almost the same as the set up guide for android.

1. Connect the Fukuda iP camera to the router first. A LAN cable is included in the box. My broadband provider is Globe Telecom. Just so you know, my plan with Globe has a maximum of 5MB connection. It has a decent connection considering I am the only one using it.

2. After downloading the FukudaCam app on my iPhone , I added the camera by scanning the QR code underneath the camera.

quick setup for fukuda camera

3. To complete pairing the FukudaCam to your router:

– select the added camera detail on your phone
– Click “Advance Settings”
– click “Wifi setting” then search for your router’s name.
– Click on this to connect your Fukuda ip camera to your wifi / router.

There was a slight glitch when I first tried to connect to the wifi. In my FukudaCam app, I could not find my wifi name. I exited the app for about an hour and then got back to it. I finally saw the wifi name of my router.


fukuda camera

Once connected to the wifi, I was able to view the camera in my iPhone . I removed the LAN cable from the modem since I wanted the camera located in another location. The IP Camera’s Default “Web Access Login” Username is admin while the Password is 123456. I immediately changed the password. Take note that you can only use one mobile gadget at any one time. I get the error “too many users” when I tried to access the app in my iPad. Just disconnect the camera from the power source to get rid of this error message. The error does not show up when I use the web-based dashboard together with the FukudaCam app.

Viewing the camera via IP Address

Since the available software is only for windows , I had to get the IP address on the browser of my macbook air via a “Fing” app which is available in the Apple store. The Fing app will enable me to find out all the units connected to my router.

From the “Fing” app, I discovered the iP address of my Fukuda iP cam which in this case was I typed the IP address on my Safari browser, to be able to view the camera on my mac. The Google Chrome browser has an issue with Quicktime so the Safari was the best browser for me.  This is how the web admin access looks like in my Safari browser:

Fukuda IP camera view from web

I enabled a fixed IP address so I can easily bookmark the web admin page. From the Home page, I clicked on “System Setup ” to bring me to this configuration menu below. Under network > LAN Settings, I enabled the Fixed IP address and clicked “apply”. fixed IP Address

The menu bar of the IP Camera

I just played with the menu bar to configure the rest of the setup.  I saved  images or video to the SD Card under “Advanced” and selected the time intervals for recording. I tried to configure the FTP but I am unable to upload images to my server where my blogs are hosted. I will still have to figure that out , including saving images to my Samsung Home Sync.

Under “Alarm” , I set it up to  trigger motion detection but I removed it later. I also configured the camera to save the video on the micro SD Card. The box did not come with a micro SD card though so I had to use my Samsung micro SD card.

fukuda web admin

When it is night time or there is little sunlight, the color of the video turns to black and white. I turned the chandelier light to get a colored image.

black and white Fukuda web admin

On my FukudaCam app, I saved this image . It’s clear , right? The resolution settings for this is 1280 x 720 . My cat is watching me work.

Fukuda IP camera image

Now how about saving the video? I chose to save it on the micro SD card. The slot can accommodate up to 32 GB. Under ” System > Device information>View the contents of the TF/SD card”, I can view the contents of the SD card.

fukuda SD card


I was pleased to see the recorded video in this directory which I downloaded to my macbook.

SD card of fukuda web admin

I asked the Fukuda Technician to give me an idea of the usage space of the stored videos. For the setup I configured, a one day record file will reach to 20.6 gigabytes for a 1280 x 720 resolution , 2.00 M bit rate. See the rest of the recorded files. This means that I would need to format my 32 GB SD card every day. But then, I don’t need to record the whole day. I can just configure the camera to record at certain intervals, perhaps just 12 hours a day.

hard disk capacity


The camera comes with a microphone and a jack for the audio. While I was checking the two Siamese cats to see who was peeing on the couch, they turned towards the camera.  I told them to behave. LOL. It’s one reason I cover the couch with cloth and plastic covers every night.

cats recorded fukuda camera


Impressions of the Fukuda iP Camera

As I mentioned earlier, I reviewed this iP camera as an outdoor CCTV . While I was mobile, I got to view the FukudaCam app . I am impressed that I am able to see what is happening outside my home.  With the 290 remote pan capability, I can touch the monitor of my iphone to rotate the view  , panning a wider coverage .   There were times, I had difficulty connecting to the camera remotely but 90% of the time, I was able to view the camera. Maybe it was my mobile connection that failed to connect.

The FukudaCam app on my iPhone 6, while I was working at my vOffice.
The FukudaCam app on my iPhone 6, while I was viewing the camera at my vOffice in Makati.

The technician said that if I intend to make this particular  model, an outdoor camera, I should install it just below the roof , nailed to the ceiling to avoid direct sunlight exposure or being drenched by the rains. I might need to get their outdoor cam but that’s another story.

For home use, the FukudaCam FCM822-1PTMS is quite useful as it pans the room at a wide angle. Video recording is quite easily done through the SD card and web configuration. The disadvantage is that one has to format the card every few days. I still have to configure the camera to a disk drive. The problem is during brownouts because there is no battery to power the camera.

Priced at P6,500 pesos, it is your best choice, compared to other brands that offer similar features but at a much higher price. Fukuda has also other models that you can view on their website  or this image below.

Click to enlarge image
Click to enlarge image

You can also check the review of another Fukuda iP indoor camera model FCM829-1FMS by Jen Aspacio.

How to order

OPTION 1: You can order online through:
Email: [email protected]
Please include the following details:
1. Name (yours)
2. Contact Number (yours)
3. Name, Address and Contact Number of the recipient
4. Quantity

Once deposit slip has been emailed back to us, we will scan you a copy of the courier waybill for the shipment.
Warranty is one year parts and service.

OPTION 2: You can also order by paying to our Factory outlet, and we will send it to the intended recipient address for FREE!

Fukuda Factory Outlet and Service Center (Cubao and Sucat only)

Cubao, Quezon City:
SA10 Session Apartment, Session Road,
Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City
(Located across delivery area of the Wet market of Farmers market, very near MRT station)
Hotline: (632)710-9245
Monday to Sunday (10am-7pm)

Sucat, Paranaque
6A Dama de Noche St.
Barangay Marcelo Green,
Sucat, Paranaque City

Location Reference: UPS 4(closer to Sucat SLEX exit) is located at West Service Road between Sucat and Bicutan. Eastwest Bank is the landmark to enter UPS 4.

Hotline: (632) 836-9440
Monday to Friday (8:30am – 6:30pm)
Saturday (8:30am – 12:30pm)

One year warranty for parts and services.

Check their Facebook account at

Doing your laundry with less time & effort with the new Samsung Washing Machines

samsung washing machines

I am always in the lookout for a replacement for a new washing machine. My current one is still working after it went through repairs from the neighborhood repairman.  When I saw the display of Samsung washing machines, my choice is the activdualwash feature of the WA75H4000HA.

7.5 kg  (HxWxD) 982 x 540 x 568 mm
7.5 kg (HxWxD) 982 x 540 x 568 mm


What is great about the Samsung washing machine WA75H4000HA, is that it has a dedicated sink that provides a convenient and unique space to handwash delicate clothes and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes before starting a normal washing cycle.

samsung washing machine WA75H4000HA-TC-23-0

There is a rubbing board and side water jet where one can easily scrub or soak the heavily stained clothes before starting a normal washing cycle. The Wobble technology cares for your clothes by reducing friction that causes garment-damaging tangles. The diamond drum is gentle on the clothes as it prevents fabrics from snagging and from being damaged. I am sure you are looking for a spin dryer. The air turbo drying system acts similarly. You can even iron straight from your washing machine. The best thing is the 11 year warranty. SRP is 17,995 pesos.

Samsung also offers other washing machines.


samsung washine machine WW70H

The SRP for the front load WW70h (7kg) is 38,495 while the WW60H (6kg) is 31, 995 pesos.  This has ecobubble technology which effectively dissolves detergent faster even in cold water, saving both time and energy. With a digital inverter motor, you can definitely save a lot on power cost.  Other features are the stain away cycle , the diamond drum and the 11 year warranty.


samsung washing machine

Now if you need more in a washing machine, the WA16F7S9 gives you 16 kg of laundry. You can even wash your comforter in it. This model also had wobble technology, Digital inverter motor, air turbo drying system, diamond drum and an 11 year warranty. SRP is 36,995 pesos.

My choice is still the activdualwash since it is really functional for my needs.

There are just so many models to choose, Only you know what your needs are, so just check them out at  .







Watch the latest episodes of your favorite US TV shows on your mobile device via NimbleTV

NimbleTV on your device

I have been enjoying my HBO Go the past few months. And now , this NimbleTV, a cloud-based cable TV streaming service, that enables subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows, as they happen, across multiple devices, anywhere in the world, with nearly infinite HD-DVR capacity.  NimbleTV was launched in New York last year.  It will soon be available in other cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

NimbleTV on any device

So what’s unique about NimbleTV?

1. Watch your favorite US TV programs in real-time.

  • Upon creating an account, NimbleTV gives you access to over 140 popular US channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime, ABC, and USA without the hassle of setting up a cable box.
  • It has an intuitive search feature which categorizes programs by channel, show, or genre.

NimbleTV World Cup

2. Record shows and watch them whenever you want

  • NimbleTV’s built in HD-DVR lets you record multiple shows and movies all at once.
  • It has a virtually limitless storage space that has a default value of 20, 40 or 90 hours, depending on your choice of plan.
  • If you need extra space, just go through your account and add the extra hours you need in your plan.

TV For A Smarter World

3. Practically runs on any device.

  • It can work practically on any device; may it be PCs, smartphones, tablets and even TVs via Roku or Apple TV via Airplay. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 0.54 mbps.
  • It supports iOS devices with an iOS 5 and above.
  • It is compatible with the latest web browsers such as Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9+) and Opera.
  • It runs on Chrome 3 and Windows 7.
  • It supports HD viewing.

NimbleTV on any device


  • You can set up a free account and avail of a free trial by going to No need to use your credit card to get free access.
  • If you have a U.S. address, you can immediately sign up for the complete NimbleTV package.
  • Want NimbleTV access in the Philippines? Find out more by adding Nimble on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NimbleTV)

Philips introduces 6 innovation concepts in the future of lighting #PhilipsInnovationandYou

There are a lot of discussions on the future of ______ but guess what, there is a future of lighting.

philips LED lighting milestones

Think of these scenario.

Imagine a future where you can just let your kitchen or bedroom lights  flash colors in tune to a dance tune or where lighting can notify you of the weather.

Imagine if you are away from home but you are still able to turn on the lights there with just a swipe on your cellphone.

These are the possibilities in the future of lighting with Philips’ roster of innovation concepts that merge lighting with creativity.

The most important part is energy efficiency. In shifting to LED and controls from old, inefficient lighting, a consumer is bound to get 85% more savings.

Philips the future of lighting

So what are the six innovation concepts?

Think : Flexibility, Controllability, Alternative energy, Connectivity, Dynamism, Materials integration but these are mere words.  The best part of the launch is how Philips presented these innovation concepts in a captivating scenario with Gabe Mercado as a host.

These concepts exemplify Philips’ vision for lighting in the next decade.

1. Flexibility – lies the technology of OLED or organic light-emitting diodes. These are surface light sources that shine brightly with daylight even when it is dark.

Philips livings shapes

The interactive mirror behind Gabe Mercado is fascinating. Philip, one of the guests , tried it.

At first glance, the square grid of OLEDs appears simply to be a light installation. In fact it is intelligent sensor technology combined with a mirror. It senses when someone moves close. The LivingShapes interactive mirror detects the outline of the person and switches off the OLEDs that are in the field of vision of the observer.

In this way, the light installation transforms into a mirror which immerses the viewer in an aura of OLED light. The mirror image is both shadow-free and very natural.

This mirror is quite ideal for five star hotel rooms or as a special accessory next to the powder room or hotel lobbies.

2. Controllability – Under this is a technology called Philips Antumbra. Designed with a magnetic field, Antumbra panels sense when there’s a nearby body- triggering a backlight to welcome its users

philips antumbra

This innovative lighting solution is perfect for high-end residential units and commercial establishments that aim to achieve seamless style and sophistication. A perfect example is changing the mood of a coffee shop to make it look more romantic for couples. Watch the Philips Antumbra panels in this video below:

3. Alternative energy – Philips Mobile Solar LED lighting presents solutions that can instantly brighten the lives of Filipinos in off-grid areas and sites in the Philippines that have limited access to power.

philips alternative energy

It has the potential to transform urban and rural life in areas of the world where the electricity grid is inaccessible or unreliable. I can see a great potential in local communities especially in disaster prone ares. Panama is one example where solar mobile solar LED lighting is used:

4. Connectivity – Wireless connectivity will revolutionize how people interact with lights. Philips Hue offers consumers intuitive technology in the palm of their hands through their smartphones. This innovation allows you to create and personalize light through an app to set the mood and feel of your living space.

Philips Connectivity Hue

With the Philips Hue home lighting system, you can control every light in your house down to its color, saturation, and brightness—right from your phone. Watch the different ways to use light using Hue .

5. Dynamism – Philips Color Kinetics fuses the advantages of LEDs with state-of-the-art digital control technology which combines millions of colors and white light to be displayed without the inefficiency of traditional lighting.

philips dynamism

When the world’s most famous Empire state building decided to modernize its iconic tower lights, they chose the industry’s premier LED lighting provider to help them do it: Philips Color Kinetics. Extending from the building’s 72nd floor to its mast, the tower lights change colors to recognize key milestones, events, charitable organizations, countries, and holidays throughout the world. You can watch a sample of the Halloween Light show during Halloween last year.

6. Materials integration- The Philips Soundlight Comfort Ceiling (SLCC) creates a synergy between light and sound while the Philips Luminous Textile Panels bring drab spaces to life with a rich combination of mult-colored LED modules within acoustic textile panels that soften the sound.

philips luminous textile panel

This is just so beautiful. Luminous textile panels bring spaces alive by delivering ambient lighting, dynamic content and optimal acoustic conditions. Combining Philips’ ambient lighting with Kvadrat Soft Cells’ expertise in controlling sound absorption the panels feature multi-coloured LEDs behind the front textile layer of a Kvadrat Soft Cells frame. Check out this video:

The Luminous textile panels are suitable for use as a building component and for post-fitting.

The future of lighting

Apart from energy efficiency and sustainability, these state-of-the-art innovation concepts pioneer new avenues in applications , particularly in art and design. I am particularly impressed with the Philips Mobile Solar LED lighting which is useful for us during the tyhoon season. These are also needed in the many off-grid areas and sites that have limited access to power. These solar LED lighting systems store energy from the sun during daytime so that they are able to provide illumination at night. These modules are also commonly used in street and road lighting.

These six innovation concepts gives us a glimpse of the future of lighting. Are you ready for it?

Homemakers can now look forward to the Midea consumer appliances line

I first got introduced to the Midea brand when my daughter purchased this lovely vintage looking electric fan for her new condo last year. I thought it was just one of those ordinary brands. To my surprise,  I found out Midea is a  global brand brought here  just recently in the Philippines by  Concepcion-Midea Inc. I was curious to see their consumer appliances line since I am more familiar with LG and Samsung appliances.

midea appliances

Mr. Philip Trapaga, General Manager of Concepcion-Midea Inc. Philippines introduced us  to the  various Midea’s Consumer Appliances line just before the formal launch.  He believes that Midea’s new line has all the qualities that can make the lives of consumers simpler. The product’s quality goes beyond a solid set of features.  The first that comes to my mind as busy homemaker is getting things done quickly and efficiently.  Trapaga added that with the help of Midea’s products, “our busy homemakers can focus on the things that matter the most to them—be it fulfilling the promise of their careers or spending more time with their families.”

Let’s take a look at a few of these consumer appliances.

The Midea One Touch Washing Machine

Midea One Touch Washing Machine

Midea’s One Touch Washing machine is meant for the busy homemaker.  The one-touch feature  enables you to wash, rinse, and dry with just a touch of a button to its smart sensors which detects the weight of the laundry you’ve put and automatically fills in the right amount of water, these features are all geared towards making the laundry chore easier and simpler. I like that there are various sizes ranging from 7 kg load to as much as 15 kg.

midea washing machines

One of the highlights of this washing machine is its Quick Wash function that lets users clean a drum full of clothes in as fast as 19 minutes. Among its most attractive features, however, is the piso wash, a perfect element for all the budget-conscious. The model boasts of energy efficiency, as one wash cycle is equal to only one peso in electrical consumption.

I am seriously considering the semi-automatic washing machine since my 6 year old washing machine is not working properly.

The Midea Party Refrigerator

If you have a large family or often hold parties, then this Party refrigerator is for you.

Midea Party refrigerators

Mr. Trapaga calls their Midea French door model  as “our Party Refrigerator as it is built to store a huge amount of food and drinks fit to throw a big party. We Filipinos love to celebrate and entertain in our homes and the Midea Party Ref is the right product for their needs.”

midea party ref

Midea’s Party Refrigerator comes with a wide range of innovative features. With wide interiors, adjustable shelves, and efficient French doors, this model can store up to 20 baskets full of groceries. Look how well the groceries fitted snugly inside.

You can even make your own ice.

midea refrigerator

The refrigerator system also boasts a “Keep Fresh technology” that maintains the optimum level of humidity to maintain food freshness for longer periods of time. It also irradiates natural light to enhance the nutritional value of food and uses UV light to break down pesticides commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

This Party refrigerator allows a lechon to fit inside not that you want to keep it inside. I know the feeling of cutting up the lechon just so it can be stored properly. Sometimes after a party, we are just too tired to cut the lechon up into small pieces.

lechon fits the midea party refrigerator

Similar to the One Touch Washing Machine, the Party Refrigerator fuses high-quality with affordability and energy savings. It is designed with a cutting-edge Turbo Inverter Compressor that enables users to reach desired temperatures without need for costly warm-up times.

This Party refrigerator uses inverter technology. A smilar ref from Samsung or LG costs around 120,000 to 130,000 pesos but the Midea Party refrigerator is close to 100,000 thousand pesos only. Take note though that I have not tried out any of these Midea consumer appliances. They also have window airconditioners, Hopefully, I will purchase the semi -automatic washing machine within the next few weeks.


You can check out Western Appliances and Abenson for the Midea refrigerator and washing machines.


About Midea

Midea is a China based company and the world’s largest producer of consumer appliances. Established in 1968, Midea has consistently strived to make the lives of its consumers easier with their line of innovative products. On 2014, Midea Global partnered with Concepcion Industrial Corporation to bring the brand closer to Filipinos. For more information on Midea, please call +632-850-9888 or visit