Taking my chances with Zoom after testing alternatives

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Since the start of the enhanced community quarantine, Zoom meetings became a daily routine with my friends and colleagues. Because of Zoom’s popularity, the service has come under scrutiny because of security risks, including built-in attention-tracking features to “Zoombombing,” where an uninvited guest hijacks the session leading to disruption. If you are using Zoom for on-the-record activity like […]

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Taiwan Excellence brings 5 gaming rigs

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Taiwan Excellence most advanced devices help you unleash your inner champion within.  A word of caution. I love gadgets and devices that help my social media practice. I like that I can zone out and have fun just like what I do with my Oculus Go. Now, I am sharing this article on gaming rigs […]


Baseus for affordable tech accessories

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Baseus for your tech accessories like powerbanks, earphones, cables, car mounts, cases and more…Baseus is located on the third level of Trinoma Mall, near the Garden area. Attending tech events is knowing the latest accessories to make my offline life more convenient.  Baseus offers a wide array of accessories, from high-quality USB cables, Plaid Backpack […]