Transforming your home lighting with Orbik LED light bulbs

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The lights in my home are slowly being converted to LED bulbs.  Lighting doesn’t have to be dull.  Each room in my home requires a different type of light depending depending on its use.  At a recent launch, Orbik explained the various ways to make lighting work for any room.

orbik LED lights

It’s a good thing my home has a well designed lighting system. Sometimes the design phase of the lighting are not considered because  bulbs are often hidden from view, thus proving the adage “out of sight, out of mind.” Let me share how you can make your home lighting system system with the  right tone and brightness .

LED Bulbs

Orbik shared their  full range of LED bulbs and other lights that assure energy efficiency and they focus on what kind of light functions should be needed. It is one reason that Orbik considers themselves  as light experts because they want to educate consumers about LED light bulb use.

Smart LED Bulbs

Architect Conrad Onglao, says that ighting serves different purposes: accent lighting to highlight artwork, indirect lighting to create mood, or task lighting on desks or above kitchen counters where clear light is necessary.

accent lighting

There are many ways Onglao applies lighting so that function and design complement one another. “A bedroom should have soft and warm lighting while an office space has bright white lighting to keep one alert.

orbik launchThere is no blanket lighting solution for all spaces. Most Orbik bulbs have both warm white (yellowish feature) and daylight (crisp white color) options. They even have this amazing vintage LED Bulbs which are decorative.

Vintage LED

The power of lighting in one’s home plays a crucial part in making a home warm and cozy or even functional. Traditional lighting dictates a central light fixture in the room to illuminate everything but for a more sophisticated look, you could also play around with positioning lamps in certain areas to highlight key focal points such as a bookshelf or an accent piece of furniture.

orbik lights

When selecting a bulb for your home or light fixture, it’s always important to take into consideration how big and the function of the space, this is to ensure that you buy a bulb that has a wattage fit to its function. To get the right amount of illumination/light specific for its function, we must look at the lumens, not the wattage.

Orbik LED bulb

Your room can be transformed in the switch of a single light bulb. But with low quality bulbs, you’ll find yourself more hassled than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it! This is where LED makes a difference. Here are a few examples.

This 3.5 watts daylight 6000k is great for small spaces, like small apartments, bedrooms and storage rooms.

daylight LED

Show off these amber bulbs for decorative lighting.

amber decorative bulb ORBIK

This 3.5 watts daylight 6000 k is also great for for small spaces like small apartments, bedrooms and storage areas.

orbik daylight bulb

6 watts Warm white provides warm lighting , best for bedrooms and for ambient lighting.

warm white ORBIK 6 watts

MR 16 Warm white 3000o (5 watts) is great to highlight paintings, photographs, and focus areas on this.

warm white orbik bulb

Take a look at this Bluetooth Speaker LED Dimmable (7 watts). I think this is really useful for a working space.

orbik bluetooth speaker

The SRP of this bluetooth speaker LED  is 2,000 pesos.

orbik bluetooth speaker

There is nothing like having energy-efficient bulbs at home. We all know LED is known  for its low environmental impact and cost-effectiveness as its outdated predecessor for lasting over 3 times longer.

Going LED is the way. It means saving money, effort, and the environment .

orbik light bulbs LED

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