Personal Computing

Google Chromebook Launched by Samsung and Acer

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If you’re looking for a handy laptop for Internet browsing, wait until June when Samsung and Acer finally release their versions of the Google Chromebook. The Google Chromebook is a bare-bones device that runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Yes, as in the Google Chrome browser. The Chromebook is basically a web browser with web-based applications […]

Social Networking

Google Launches Boutiqes.Com

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Google is changing the way women shop online (at least, if you live in the States) with the launch of Boutiques.Com. This website aggregates inventory from various designers, online boutiques, and small online store owners, and makes suggestions based on your style preferences.


Google Nexus One Phone Specs

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Remember the Google phone aka Nexus One? It’s not just a rumor anymore! The guys from Engadget got their hands on the product’s specs and it looks to be a very promising device. The Nexus One is an Android 2.1 device that’s around 11.5mm thick with a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display. Other notable features are […]


Google to Open an eBook Store in 2010

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eBooks may be mobile, space-saving, and convenient, but I never did get the hang of reading long text on my PC or eBook reader. Real books still offer a rich, sensual experience an eBook reader can’t provide. And it’s not like eBooks are any cheaper than real books. It’s clear that not everyone else shares […]