Google Chromebook Launched by Samsung and Acer

If you’re looking for a handy laptop for Internet browsing, wait until June when Samsung and Acer finally release their versions of the Google Chromebook. The Google Chromebook is a bare-bones device that runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Yes, as in the Google Chrome browser. The Chromebook is basically a web browser with web-based applications for documents and spreadsheets, instead of using software like Microsoft Word. The idea behind it is to make do without the time-consuming tasks that come with traditional PCs, like installing software, updating software, and doing antivirus checks.

Samsung and Acer each have their own versions of the Google Chromebook. The Acer Chromebook will be priced at $349, while the Samsung Chromebook will have two models – one with WiFi connectivity for $429, and one with 3G connectivity for $499. These two devices will be available in the US on June 15, through Best Buy’s online store and

In addition to the Chromebook, Google will be releasing a Chromebox thin desktop. This product is designed for business settings and will be part of the new Chrome for Business subscription model, which will cost $28 per month for each user. Chrome for Business will provide cloud services, and the Chromebox will be replaced at the end of their life cycle. Chromebooks for schools will also be released in the future at just $20 per student.


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