Cute Laptop Sleeves!

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My mom is in the States right now and for pasalubong, my sister asked her to bring her a fashionable laptop bag. When my mom complained about how most of the laptop bags she saw are black, businesslike, and boring, I said that my sister is probably better off checking Multiply for cute laptop bags […]


My iPhone 3G Experience

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I supply the cellphones in my household except that I get first dibs on the new cellphones which never cost beyond 20,000 pesos ($400). Fortunately (or unfortunately) for my daughters and husband, they get to own my cellphones after I have used them for two years. Why? Having hand-me down cellphones are an advantage. First […]

Personal Computing

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

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Everything comes in convenient, compact shapes these days, and Dell’s new line of Inspiron laptops are no exception. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is a small, 2.2lb laptop with built-in WiFi. Its size and features are perfect for business travelers who’re always on the go, social networkers, and newcomers to the PC world because you […]


Two New Nokia Phones

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Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, just introduced two new stylish phones that allows you to fully express your personal style in both content and design. The two phones are real statement accessories with their slim lines, sleek shapes, and distinct functions. Set yourself apart with the new Nokia 6600 and Nokia 7070. Nokia […]