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Dell Wasabi Prints Photos Without Ink!

The Dell Wasabi PZ310 is a gadget that sounds like it belongs to the kitchen, but it has nothing to do with cooking or the Japanese culinary plant. It’s actually an ultra-lightweight (7 ounces) pocket-size printer designed for on-the-go photo printing and sharing. As long as your digital camera, laptop, betook, camera phone, or handheld device supports Bluetooth connectivity or PictBridge over USB, you can connect it to the Wasabi for easy photo printing. The Wasabi itself doesn’t use any ink cartridges; instead, employs Zink’s Inkless technology and the specially patented ZINK paper. When you print out a borderless 2″x3″ full color photo, the printer heats up, and dye crystals in the ZINK paper melt release color. The Wasabi itself can hold up to 12 pieces of ZINK paper.

You can get the Dell PZ310 in pink, blue, and black for the introductory price of $99. I wonder where you can get a steady supply of ZINK paper though?


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