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PayMaya launches the “digital aguinaldo” service on Messenger

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Send PayMaya pamasko to loved ones with ‘aguinaldo’ service via Messenger app. Now, giving aguinaldo to your “inaanak” is just as easy as tapping on your smartphone! The Filipino time-honored tradition, giving “aguinaldo” to young family members and godchildren is truly unique.  The usual tradition is handing out paper bills—usually freshly-printed ones withdrawn from the […]

Mobile Apps : Age Guessing App Craze

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By Ma. Rachel Yapchiongco as originally posted on the Philippine Online Chronicles, Age Guessing App Craze This is mine: Not everyone likes to talk about their age. Microsoft has somehow found a way to break the age avoidance culture with its latest tool called Netizens are crazy about this new app which claims that it […]


FireChat, a free mobile app that works outside the internet

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I first heard of FireChat when it was used during the 2014 Hongkong Umbrella revolution when internet connection became spotty. Protestors used firechat to connect with each other without using the internet. It only required a bluetooth connection . The app works by creating its own network outside the internet, relying simply on the Bluetooth […]