Google Chromebook Launched by Samsung and Acer

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If you’re looking for a handy laptop for Internet browsing, wait until June when Samsung and Acer finally release their versions of the Google Chromebook. The Google Chromebook is a bare-bones device that runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Yes, as in the Google Chrome browser. The Chromebook is basically a web browser with web-based applications […]

Google Nexus One Phone Specs

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Remember the Google phone aka Nexus One? It’s not just a rumor anymore! The guys from Engadget got their hands on the product’s specs and it looks to be a very promising device. The Nexus One is an Android 2.1 device that’s around 11.5mm thick with a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display. Other notable features are […]

Google to Open an eBook Store in 2010

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eBooks may be mobile, space-saving, and convenient, but I never did get the hang of reading long text on my PC or eBook reader. Real books still offer a rich, sensual experience an eBook reader can’t provide. And it’s not like eBooks are any cheaper than real books. It’s clear that not everyone else shares […]