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Portable DJ Mixer from Urban Outfitters


At first, this gadget might seem like an old school cassette tape that was gold-plated for bling purposes. But if you look closely, you’ll see that this is actually a portable audio mixer that combines tracks when you hook up two different audio devices to it – be it an iPod, an iPhone, or a music-enabled cell phone.

The Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer has two 3.5mm stereo inputs and a single stereo output that lets you fade out between two audio sources, just like a full-sized DJ mixer. It also has a monitor jack so you can cue up tracks using your own headphones. Just hook up your two media players, a pair of AAA batteries, and you’ll be blasting your own party mix in no time.

Grab a Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer for yourself or as a gift to friends. Available exclusively from the Urban Outfitters website for only $30.

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