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Philips Lumiblade Shows New Ways of Using OLED Light


I imagine that OLED or organic light-emitting diodes are attractive for being a more environmentally friendly option to regular incandescent lightbulbs. But it turns out that OLED technology can also be used as a new medium for artists; its lightweight nature allows it to be part of artwork, furniture, clothing, even jewelry!

At an exhibit called at the Superstudio Piú in Zona Tortona, Milan from April 22 – 27, Philips will show off a wide display of OLED lights in all sorts of shape, sizes, and colors to illustrate the many ways OLED technology can be used, for both decorative and functional purposes. Because of their lightweight nature and their non-glaring glowing light, OLED lights can be integrated into products in ways that have never been done before! So if you are an artists who looking for a new medium to play with, OLED lights could be the future.


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