The Samsung Smart TV is beauty and brains indeed

With the number of smart phones in the hands of consumers these days , it won’t be long before smart tv’s proliferate in many living rooms around the world. I’ve witnessed the demonstration of the Samsung smart TV last summer and it was such an amazing experience. The beauty and smarts of this sleek TV does not compare to the time I reviewed a 60-inch Samsung TV a year ago when it was delivered to the house.

This time around, Samsung invited me to review the Samsung LED D8000 Smart TV in a hotel. Why not? Experience the future of TV today . Being holed up in a hotel will allow me to concentrate on the review and enjoy the experience in the process.

My husband and I took the day off to explore the wonders of the the Samsung LED D8000’s innovative technology—punctuated by its über sophisticated design. Bring my husband along proved to be useful. He served as a model to pose as I reviewed the Smart TV. It was helpful to see the perspective of a non-techie dabble with this Smart TV.

The first thing I did upon arriving at the awesome Hotel H20 was to turn on the TV while my husband checked out the fishes in the aquarium walls. Turning on the TV and the blu-ray DVD player was a breeze. I played the Samsung DVD video to get a brief overview of the Blu ray player and the Smart TV.

I was just floored by the crystal clarity and the full High definition of the movies. It was simply gorgeous. I bought a Samsung UA40D5000 three months ago and it was already a beauty. This is even more of a beauty than I can ever imagine. Watching movies with the blu ray is something that I have never done with my TV. I should really consider buying a blu ray player.

Gorgeous blueprint

There is something in this classic-looking, the Samsung LED D8000 Smart TV not found in my Samsung TV. This Smart TV brought me closer to the action with a design never before seen in televisions. Framed with an ultra-slim bezel, the TV possesses a sleek look without sacrificing Samsung’s excellent picture quality. Its minimalistic design is timeless. Add to that, it harmoniously blends with compatible devices, making it perfect for modern living.

I wanted to see what interactive experience was in store for me by checking out the features of the Smart hub.

The remote control pad felt a bit intimidating at first. I have a similar remote control pad but with lesser buttons. This remote pad had a button for the Smart hub, and 3D images.

Using the keypad to key in the username and password of the internet connection felt cumbersome. It felt like typing on those old cellphone keypads. A Samsung tablet or even an iphone can be converted to a remote control pad which makes it easy to type.

The movie is minimized to the upper left corner while the fun apps cover majority of monitor space.

Integrated entertainment

You can find the Samsung Smart hub button somewhere on the left centered part of the remote pad.

The Samsung Smart Hub is a media portal specifically fashioned to discover a wide array of related content and information on the Web. Imagine the range of possibilities. Its easy-to-use interface, with its Search All and Web Browser features, is the key to a world of videos, photos, and music that can be shared as effortlessly as they are found. In addition, Samsung’s numerous TV Apps definitely put the ‘fun’ in functional. To further personalize entertainment, AllShare’s supreme connectivity connects the LED D8000 to compatible devices, which lets you access videos, photos, and music within.

I checked out the Skype feature first to see what it felt like watching my loved one larger the life on the 60 inch TV. I called my sister who fortunately was online.

She got to marvel at the aquarium wall behind me.

Social TV

is similar to my multi-tasking while watching TV. The Social TV-function is well developed for users like me. It makes it easy to share opinions, thoughts or reviews about I am watching at the moment. If you’re watching the Azkal’s football game you can quickly twitter out your frustration over the reckless tackle that led to the latest penalty kick. If you’re watching a debate program, you can by using the Smart Hub’s Social TV comment on topics in real time through social media and other channels.

There goes my Twitter stream.

What is social media without facebook?

The updates do not auto-refresh. One has to press a button to refresh the Twitter timeline or status of your facebook friends.

The fun part is checking out the unique at-home experience.

This LED D8000’s built in 2D to 3D conversion. Both picture and sound are enhanced through Samsung’s 3D Sound Effect and 3D HyperReal Engine. To complete the home entertainment experience, Samsung’s featherweight 3D glasses converts pictures to 3D in real-time!

I forgot that one had to switch on the power button on the 3D glasses while watching the 3D movie. My husband enjoyed watching Shrek that was provided for our review. There were other movies but we saw them already.

Samsung told us that this Samsung LED D8000 Smart TV is only the first of many.

Kang Yunje, Vice President of Samsung’s TV Design Group, perfected an aesthetic that bears tremendous purpose.
“We wanted to remove the barrier between the real world and the TV that is visually distracting: the bezel,” Mr. Kang said. “The design concept centered on the television. If we see the real world in three dimensions, and the TV offers three dimensional images, then everything we see has the potential to be in three dimensions. Designing a slim bezel was about removing the frame that limited our view of the three-dimensional world.”

After much trial and error, the development team was slowly inching its way to the ultimate goal. In 2011, the creation of the LED D8000 proved that an ultra-slim bezel was indeed a possibility. The LED D8000 appears slimmer, yet it maintains a superior viewing experience—the perfect marriage of design and technology.

I wanted to experience more of the fun apps but breaking news that Qaddafi was dead brought us to CNN and BBC.

This is the future of TV as breaking news happens and Twitter abuzz with speculations and hard hitting opinions. I can imagine myself using this Smart TV for my online media work and having fun at the same time.


For more details, check out Samsung LED D800 product specifications.

Suggested retail price are as follows:

Samsung Smart TV

UA60D8000 = 319,900 pesos
UA55D8000 = 239,900 pesos

Blu ray players
BD-D5500 or BD- C6900 = 9990 pesos

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