How to take care of your LED TV

There are many tips in taking care of your LED TV. The first thing I did when I bought my Samsung TV in July 2011 was to make sure it was plugged on to a 500 watt voltage regulator. My friend had told me that her monitor just went kaput and probably one reason is she didn’t use a voltage regulator. Oh well, my LED TV monitor has a dark corner on the upper left and a busted left speaker. I don’t know what went wrong but the cost of replacing all these defective parts is 28,000 pesos. It is definitely not worth the repair. I will have to live by this defect until the LED TV is covered in darkness.

samsung LED TV is not working

Why does an LED TV need a voltage regultor?

The LED TV is not the only electronic device in the house taking power. Every time the AC comes on or the furnace starts, electricity is used. This causes temporary power dips to other electronics, like the LED TV, which in turn affects the TV’s processes. In fact, one of the reasons why many LED TVs fail early in life is not because of their display technology, but instead because their power caps get busted from power surges or dips. Install a voltage regulator with a battery backup that can provide additional power during dips. Not only will it protect against hazards like power surges caused by lightning, it will help keep the TV operating efficiently no matter what other electronics are being used in the home.

There are other tips in increasing the longetivity of your LED TV such as

1. Turning the TV off when nobody is watching is probably the simplest way to increase the longevity of the LED TV
2. Adjust Brightness of the LED TV. Unless the house is as brightly lit as the showroom where the TV was purchased, there is no need to keep the LED TV at high brightness levels.
3. Adjust contrast. The higher the contrast, the greater the power the TV uses. This, in turn, will decrease the television’s longevity.
4. install the TV on a tabletop or entertainment center where the vent is four inches away from the wall.

Looking at all these tips, I can say I honestly followed them. The TV and the skycable box are the only ones attached to the voltage regulator, so any surge in power would have given a steady current.

I am very disappointed with this Samsung LED TV. I was researching on the life span of an LED TV. This site says “the life expectancy of an LCD/LED TV can be between 4 to 10 years depending on usage and maintenance as well as other factors such as type, brand, location and environment. Branded TVs from multinational companies such as Sony, Samsung or LG tend to last longer as the hardware components used in the TVs are more expensive and thus more reliable.”

Three and half years of use only…very disappointing. This is my second Samsung TV fail. The first time was in 1998 which was an analog TV and lasted for three years. I switched to SONY and it lasted for over 10 years. I only gave it up because I wanted an LED TV. If ever I buy an LED TV, I will make sure to ask the life expectancy. I believe it should last at least five years. NOT three and a half years.

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