Unboxing & first impressions of the Insta360 Nano S, a 360 camera for iPhone

I can use my iPhone X into a 360 camera with the Insta360 Nano S , the first 360 smartphone camera.  The MultiView lets you record in every direction, and arrange the best of what you see in one frame. Perfect for live-streaming, video chat, and blowing up Instagram.

I was killing time at the mall by dropping by a gadgets shop. It is my way of updating myself with technology just by browsing the display. Then I spotted the Insta 360 Nano S. It turns your iphone into a 360 camera. The Nano S is compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus and the iPhone 6/6 plus.

Wow, I was sold. How much?  The sales guy said 13,790 pesos. It is actually $249 in Amazon.

I ended up buying it. Sure I had GoPro Hero 5  but I love using it for the beach and panoramic views. I wanted a camera that can take a wider view. The GoPro continues to be handy because it is water resistant while the Nano S is not.

I was so excited to unbox my new toy. The box contains  the 360 camera  , a stand , VR viewer and an use manual. The box is the VR viewer. Let’s see the parts.

The Insta360 Nano S attaches to your iPhone’s lightning port “to use the phone’s large touchscreen for previewing, adjusting, and sharing your shots. ” The Nano S can also be used by itself without a phone.

One has to download the “Insta 360 Nano S app” on itunes before you can use it on your iphone. The app automatically opens. I had to turn my iPhone upside down I am using the Insta360.

Yeah “No drone, No Problem”. I will definitely test that out.

I was wondering why my Nano S refused to work even after it was activated. After so many attempts, I figured the camera needed to be charged.

This Nano S is the second version of last year’s Nano which has even more improvements.  Watch the introduction of the Nano S:

It is also in the app that the photos captured by the Nano S are stored . One can see multiple points of view simultaneously with Multiview.

Here is my test shot at the shop. I know it is not much but I can have many photos captured with this one shot.

The photo resolution is 6272 x 3136 (20 megapixels) with a DNG raw mode option and Aperture of f/2.2
Video resolution is 3840 x 1920, 30fps with a log mode option

Sample shot of the Insta360 Nano S . Size of photo is 6272 x 3136. Click to enlarge

As you can see, the photo I took above was split into two views (up to three views). One is the view in front of me and the other is my photo.

That is because the Nano S has two 210-degree fisheye lenses cameras (front and back). It can even include the view above my head.

The front camera contains the attachment to  iPhone’s lightning port . Remember you can use this a standalone camera. The box did not include a micro USB so I was not able to test it.

The Nano S box converts to a Google Cardboard headset, enabling you to get an immersive view of its photos or videos through VR. Just slip the iPhone inside the box.

It is quite exciting to see the 360 videos in this VR box.

Inside the box is also a stand for the iPhone + the Nano S. I can even use the stand without the camera. This is great for livestreaming. Perhaps I should also get the Nano Mount tripod adapter.

I have yet to test all the nifty features including live streaming, chat, video and more.  I can’t wait to try everything. I came across this video below which covers the 21 advantages and shooting tips. You can read his blog post too.

Watch 21 advantages + 7 shooting tips in 5 minutes

I will definitely try some of the features . There are more.

  1. The Nano S is a 360 camera with built-in stabilization.
  2.  The Nano S can capture videos that look like they were  taken using a floating camera that’s following you.
  3.  It can take photos or record in any position, and at any angle.
  4.  Use the Freecapture (in the app) to  show multiple perspectives in sequence just from a single video
  5. Multiview even creates collage of 2 or 3 views from a video simultaneously.
  6. Nano S captures everything around you . You remain part of the action even while recording is ongoing. No need to turn the camera around.
  7. Nano S’s photos or videos can be converted to a tiny planet view.
  8. The Nano S can live stream in 360 in facebook , twitter, youtube and more.
  9. The Nano S  has the ability to make 360 video calls but the person using the Nano S becomes the caller and takes full control over whether to switch to 360 view, or Multivew.

I can’t wait to try all these features so stay tuned for my next post.

I bought my Insta360 Nano S at Digital Walker Eastwood. SRP is 13,790 pesos with a one year warranty.

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