Redesigned Asus EEE is Macbook Air-skinny

I don’t exactly go crazy over the latest shiny new toy produced by Apple, but it sure is interesting to follow how other manufacturers take what Apple has done and make it better. Apparently, Asus is going to come out with a super-think netbook with Macbook Air-skinny proportions. The S1008HA or the Shell is a mere one inch thick with an Intel Atom processor, a 10-inch LED backlit display, and a whole host of impressive specs like a 1 GB ram, 160GB hard drive, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Just like its sibling, the S101, the S1008HA is bound to be just as aesthetically pleasing but easier to carry around. It is said to have a longer battery life too!

The ultra-skiny Asus EEE will cost £359 or $523. Cheaper than a Macbook Air, yeah?


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