Apple to Start Selling 17-Inch iMacs

Early this month, Apple came out with new 20- and 24-inch iMac all-in-one computers with INVIDIA graphics. While they’re definitely tempting to buy, the hefty price tag is usually enough to deter even the biggest Apple fans – if they care enough to be thrifty in a time of recession. Yesterday, however, a glitch on the US Apple store website revealed that they’ll be releasing 17-inch iMacs for $899. The 17-inch iMac isn’t on the site anymore, but there will definitely be one for sale as part of Apple’s program to provide more affordable computers to students. I suppose a $899 iMac is affordable for people in the US, but what with ridiculous taxes slapped on imported goods here, there’s probably not going to be much of a difference between that and the 66k 20-inch iMac.


2 thoughts on “Apple to Start Selling 17-Inch iMacs

  1. Apple to Start Selling 17-Inch iMacs, this article is nice and help me alot. Thanks for the info.

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  2. They had to do this because the demand for the larger screens was never going to be high because of the price tag and the current economic climate. Only people who really needed a mac for say development would have bought one of them iMacs

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