Unboxing the OPPO F1s, a new selfie expert

The suggested selling price for the OPPO F1s is Php 12,990 which will be released  on August 19, 2016 . Pre-orders will start from August 12 to 18, 2016.

What an amazing weekend with OPPO Philippines and media at Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, Hamilo Coast. Though I have been here before, it’s my first time  to be with fellow bloggers for a weekend activity called the OPPO Selfie Amazing F1S Launch.   One  activity was the best selfie and I WON.  There were four of us. Below  is my winning selfie. Yes, I am an expert. My sister said it didn’t look like a selfie.

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my selfie using Oppo F1s

I used the OPPO’s “Selfie Expert” media invite to point to my arms that indeed, I am a selfie expert with the help of the OPPO F1s. Oh well, the trick is using a selfie stick which OPPO provided. This is the first selfie stick that is so easy to use.

selfie stick with oppo f1s

Here are some of the selfies that got framed during the awarding ceremonies.
selfie photos from oppo f1s

Thank you OPPO Philippines for this exquisitely elegant Rose gold OPPO F1s . I know I am going ahead of the unboxing.  The moment I got inside my hotel room, I couldn’t wait to unbox the OPPO F1S . So pardon me if some of the photos are not too clear. Some  of the unboxing photos were taken inside my hotel room.

rose gold OPPO f1s

I love the delicate Rose Gold color.

oppo f1s box

The box is similar to the OPPO F1 Plus which I won during the instagram contest at the launch. It is now with my daughter. I guess you can tell I am so competitive when it comes to contests. Besides, I don’t have an OPPO phone anymore and I needed one.


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oppo f1 s unboxing

The box came with a SIM ejector tool , a plastic protective case, the charger , earphones, which is a standard in all boxes. It looks and feels like an iPhone, just like the F1 plus. Of course, the manual is there.

unboxing OPPO f1s

Difference between the OPPO F1 S and F1 Plus

The F1s has some similarities with the F1 Plus but let’s see some differences first.

1. The F1S has a dual SIM that accepts two Nano-SIM plus a dedicated microSD card slot up to 256 GB.

2. The resolution on the OPPO F1s is 1280 x 720 pixels, while it is a 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution on the F1 Plus.  The F1 Plus and F1s both come with a  5.5-inch display, but the OPPO F1s display area is smaller.

dedicated sim for oppo f1s

3. The chipset of the the F1 Plus runs on MediaTek Helio P10 processor while the OPPO F1s runs on MediaTek MT6750 processor.

4. The F1s has 3GB of RAM, while the F1 Plus comes with 4GB of RAM.

oppo f1 s back view5. The F1s has only 32GB internal storage, compared to the larger 64 GB storage of the F1 Plus.

6. The F1s has more battery power at  3075 mAh compared to the F1 Plus comes with a 2850 mAh battery . Unfortunately, the F1s does not support Oppo’s VOOC fast charging system. I really love the VOOC fast charging because it takes less than an hour to charge the phone.

So what are the similarities with F1s and the F1 Plus?

  1. There is the same 4G LTE support for both models.
  2. Both run on the Android 5.1 Lollipop based ColorOS user interface
  3. Both have the 13-megapixel, f/2.2 facing camera and a 16-megapixel , f/2.0  front-facing camera, making it an amazing phone for selfies.
  4. Oppo F1s features a fingerprint scanner integrated within its home button just like the F1 plus.

unboxing Oppo f1s 3

The unique features the OPPO F1s has compared to the OPPO F1 Plus is the: two Nano-SIM slots plus a dedicated microSD card slot up to 256 GB and the long lasting battery life. Of course, I wish it had the VOOC fast charging though. The lesser RAM power is not that important to me since I don’t use it heavily for games or RAM powered apps.

Here are some sample shots from the Oppo F1s using no filter.

selfie amazing race with the oppo f1s

I used the beauty filter below and it looks like I wore a foundation and my eye bags disappeared. The photo does not  look like me though. I prefer using the camera without any filter.  If you  want to use the Beautify 4.0, it offers 7 levels of “beautification” with 2 skin tone modes.

beauty selfie with oppo f1s

Then I took a photo of my halo-halo and some shots at the Pico de Loro. The photos are sharp  and the camera sensor is responsive.

photo taken with the OPPO f1s

oppo f1 s photo

ducks taken with oppo f1s

ducks at Oppo f1s


oppo f1s photo 1

The camera lagged under low light conditions. I  took a  photo of my cat with the light on in my room.

low light oppo f1s

What a Selfie Amazing F1S Launch it was

I really got to test the OPPO F1s during the selfie amazing race. My team was called #SelfieGanernKaberg and though we didn’t win , I am glad I still participated.

selfie amazing race from oppo f1s

Imagine, I never attempted to shoot a basketball through the hoop or rolling a ball at the bowling alley in my life but because I am competitive, I just had to try.

selfie with my team using oppo f1s

My chance at winning at any of the challenges was taking a selfie and I took it seriously .

oppo f1 s selfie

All throughout the day, I kept taking selfies of myself, even walking along the beach to get that perfect selfie.

selfie amazing race with oppo f1s
If you are looking for a smartphone with a great camera and lasting battery at an affordable price, then the OPPO F1s is for you . I can tell you this is the best phone for the selfie niche  at such an affordable price compared to the high end smartphones in the market today.

The suggested selling price for the OPPO F1s is Php 12,990 which will be released  on August 19, 2016 . Pre-orders will start from August 12 to 18, 2016.

Oppo f1 s launch 1

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