The Blackberry Storm has Indestructible Touch Screen

The new Blackberry Storm boasts of having cutting-edge multimedia capabilities and a unique touch screen. In fact, this is the first phone from RIM that aims to directly compete with the Apple iPhone. Back before Apple placed the touch screen phone at the top of everyone’s wishlist, anyone who used a touch-screen would be overly protective of its screen. You probably would be too, since everything you need to do using your phone involves the screen. Damaging or scratching the touchscreen would be enough to make a touchscreen phone user freak out.

But if there’s one thing about the Blackberry Storm, it’s that you won’t need to worry about scratching and breaking its touch screen. A new scratch test done by Gary Krakow proves that the Blackberry Storm’s touchscreen is pretty much indestructible.

In the video, he goes at the screen with a set of keys, a pocketknife, and that huge spike restaurant cashiers use to hold receipts. And none of these objects could place the smallest scratch on the Blackberry Storm! You might be wondering what sorcery was involved in the creation of the Blackberry storm, but the answer to that is actually very simple.

High-end mobile phones are coming out with glass screens instead of the usual plastic ones, and the Blackberry Storm is one of them. But as you can see from the video, its screen is made out of really tough glass; watching it shrug off all that punishment is truly amazing.

2 thoughts on “The Blackberry Storm has Indestructible Touch Screen

  1. Crap……… My storm fell of the table onto the carpet and the glass over the screen broke.

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