Motorola Aura

If there was such thing as high fashion in terms of mobile phones, the switchblade-style Motorola Aura would definitely be the star of the runway. When I first saw the Motorola Aura, I couldn’t decide if it was a piece of jewelry, a watch, or a mobile phone. Its electro-polished, stainless steel casing and engraved patterns makes this phone resemble a luxury watch more than anything else – it even has a Swiss-made rotating mechanism with 130 ball bearings, allowing the top part to slide out 180 degrees. But the 2-megapixel camera lens is made out of 62-carat, scratch resistant sapphire crystals – could it be jewelry, then? Not quite. The Motorola Aura is definitely a mobile phone designed for the luxury buyer. Equipped with CrystalTalk technology, Stereo Bluetooth, 2GB of internal storage, EDGE, text messaging and e-mail capabilties, and mp4 playback, this high-end phone may not necessarily have the most high-tech features. But that doesn’t make the Motorola Aura any less beautiful in terms of design, if that’s what you’re after. Available this month for a whopping $1,999 (no news on local releases yet).

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