No Google Phone

google android

Ever since Google created the Android OS, rumors about an upcoming Google Phone have been spreading like wildfire. But for those of you who have been waiting for a Google phone with bated breath, there’s bad news. It turns out that Google has no plans to create the hardware for an Android phone. Even though Google has stepped in to make a say about the design of handsets that carry the Android OS, the company is content with letting mobile phone manufacturers worry about creating the hardware. After all, it makes no sense for Google to compete with their clients, especially since manufacturers have more experience, ability, and motivation when it comes to designing devices. It has been a while, but there are now a number of high-end smart phones with the Android OS like the Acer A1 and the upcoming Motorola Droid.

There may have probably been a time when a Google-made Android hardware would have sold like crazy, but I think the market doesn’t need one anymore. However, the OS has a life of its own now, and all Google needs to do is keep supporting and updating the OS.


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