Hello Kitty Mobile Phone is Cat-Shaped!

I’m a big lover of cats and anything cat-related, but I’m not too crazy about the Japanese phenomenon Hello Kitty. There’s just something about Hello Kitty merchandise that’s too cutesy and kiddie for my tastes. Recently a mobile phone featuring the Japanese cat came out, but instead of just painting the whole thing pink and slapping on some decal, the mobile phone itself is Hello Kitty-shaped! I’m also loving the fact that the Hello Kitty phone comes in yellow and blue.

I’m guessing that Sanrio designed these for kids because specs-wise, the Hello Kitty phone is pretty basic. It’s a normal dual band GSM with a 1.5-inch screen, built-in camera, microSD slot, and FM radio. No news about how much it’s selling for and if it will be available outside Japan!


2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mobile Phone is Cat-Shaped!

  1. dude i want this sooo bad!! not even kidding! Im in love with hello kitty and i love cell phones. so having this would just make me so happy! I would do absolutly anything for it . i just wished i lived in hapan this is soo beast!!

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