Amazon Launches Kindle 2 Next Month! Or so the rumor goes…

The rumor mill has tongues wagging when sent select invitations to an important press conference at New York on February 9 were given out. While Amazon did not mention what the press conference will be about, people believe that it might be the launch of the Kindle 2, the new and improved version of the bestselling Kindle eBook reader. The reason why people think this is so is because the last time Amazon held a New York press conference was in November 2007, when they announced the Kindle and its CDMA hookup, which allows eBook readers access to a large catalog of titles.

Rumors about the Kindle 2 have been going around since October 2008 when people anticipated a holiday release. But because of final software tweaks, the Kindle 2 was predicted to arrive at the first quarter of 2009. Rumor also has it that the Kindle 2 is supposed to have a sleeker casing than the original Kindle, a joystick (whatever for?), circular QWERTY beys, and smaller page-turn controls.


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