Google Phone’s Official Name is Nexus One

nexus one google phone

Ignore our last post on the Google Phone. Turns out that the rumored Google Phone is real and will be officially called the Nexus One. How do we know this? One of the guys at TechCrunch got to test the device and according to him, the touchscreen device looks pretty much like the HTC Passion minus the branding. The tester describes the Nexus One as an iPhone but with a bigger screen and a scroll wheel. It’s not the most stylish device in the world but it’s got some interesting specs – a “weirdly large” camera, Snapdragon processor, two mics, and a “super high” resolution. The Google Phone won’t have a physical keyboard, making it thinner than the iPhone.

The best part about the Google Phone is that it will be sold as an unlocked GSM phone, exclusively through Google. This means that anyone in the world can use one without having to deal with pesky unlocks and or signing up for expensive plans from their local carriers.


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