The TV that might kill our local TV one day

Meet Sony Internet TV, the world’s first HDTV incorporating the Google TV platform.

With the advent of Internet TV, who knows it will soon phase out the usual televisions? In the words of my friend Pocholo: “The TV that will literally kill the local TV. No more manipulative broadcasting. No more abusive ads. NO MORE NONSENSE BROADCAST. This is what I call Personalcasting. ABS CBN and GMA… what’s your next move!”

Imagine using Sony Internet TV that provides richer internet access so you can browse the web just like you would from a computer. Seamlessly navigate between websites and TV channels or enjoy both at the same time. On the same screen.

What else can it do?

1. makes searching for content faster and simpler than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a channel, show, or website, it’s never been easier to find what you want.

2. customize your experience that you’ll have access to the ever-evolving library of Web content and built for TV apps. Automatic upgrades help ensure the software powering your Sony Internet TV is up to date.

3. Enjoy the performance with Intel InsideĀ®. The Sony Internet TV has enough processing power to easily load sites and stream videos, while a wireless handheld QWERTY remote makes navigation simple.

To understand Google TV, here is a video:


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