Celebrating Creativity at the Sony Uphoria Year-End Party

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Anyone with the means to buy the latest products have no excuse to be uncreative. I realized this while I was checking out the booths at the Uphoria Party with Sony in Singapore last weekend, and saw all the amazing things people could create and enjoy with consumer technology. With discipline and the right tools, […]

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Sony Centre Opens in Davao

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One Sony Centre isn’t enough to feed Davao’s overwhelming need for the latest technology and consumer electronics. Last week, Sony Philippines responded by opening the second Sony Centre branch in the city, at the third level of the new Abreeza Mall along JP Laurel Ave. This brand new store holds the entire Sony product lineup […]


Sony Internet TV Comes to the Philippines this Summer

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A gadget that multitasks brings real value for money, especially if this gadget is a gorgeous HDTV that brings crisp, clear images and sits right in your living room. This summer, Sony Internet TV reaches Philippine homes! The new line of BRAVIA HDTVs and 3D TVs allow you to view YouTube videos, Tweet your followers, […]


Sony PSP NGP (Next Generation Portable) Revealed

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While my rare moments of gadget lust was directed at the upcoming Sony-Ericsson PlayStation phone, I was completely unaware that a new PSP was being made. Today, Sony unveiled the new PSP NGP (next generation portable). This shiny new toy is dramatically different from other PSPs for many reasons. For one thing, it’s equipped with […]