PayMaya Negosyo app, for small businesses to accept QR payments easily

As our country adapts to the new normal, physical distancing and online purchases will become part of the norm. In fact, online marketplaces are happening in Facebook groups. Only 1% of these online sellers use cashless payments.  For consumers, several cashless options are readily available – including PayMaya.  Many small businesses don’t have the cashless payment option. The challenge lies in accepting online payments to provide a safe and convenient payment experience to their customers.
PayMaya recently launched its PayMaya Negosyo app which allows small businesses to easily and quickly accept QR and online payments from their customers – helping entrepreneurs to adjust to the shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can easily get your own PayMaya Negosyo account and accept QR payments easily! All you have to do is simply download the app from Google PlayStore (, and register for an account.
How does Paymaya Negosyo benefit the small business owner?
1. Increased sales: Open your business to millions of PayMaya customers to pay at your store even without cash!?
2. Faster transactions: Customer gives exact payments in a few taps with PayMaya QR!?
3. More efficient operations: Transfer your sales for the day from the app to your bank anytime, anywhere!?
4. Increased profit: Enjoy exclusive rates* on QR payment transactions.
*Limited Time Offer
5. Improved safety and security: Enjoy zero cash handling risks with payments all in the app?!
6. Secure transactions: PayMaya Negosyo is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
7. With PayMaya Negosyo, let your customers pay by just scanning your QR code using their mobile phones:
Easy to use:??Customers can just scan the PayMaya QR, confirm the amount to be paid, and transaction is done!???
8.Monitored spending:??All transactions are recorded in their PayMaya app for easy tracking?
9. Improved money security: Less risk than carrying cash around
Watch out for these services to be available soon: ?
Pay Bills?
Sell Load / Gaming Pins ?
Process Smart Padala remittance ?
Add Money to PayMaya? ?