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Baseus for your tech accessories like powerbanks, earphones, cables, car mounts, cases and more…Baseus is located on the third level of Trinoma Mall, near the Garden area.

Attending tech events is knowing the latest accessories to make my offline life more convenient.  Baseus offers a wide array of accessories, from high-quality USB cables, Plaid Backpack Powerbank Case for iphone 7 or 8 Plus, protective case for the latest smartphone models, powerbanks, USB C cables, earphones, car accessories and many more.

Baseus is inspired by  “Based on User” which aims to focus on optimum user experience.  I believe so. Let me show you my two discoveries.

Baseus tech accessories

The first thing I looked for was the car mount. Ever since the anti-distracted law took into effect, I have been searching for the best clip on a car mount. Yay, I found what I needed at Baseus.

Baseus tech accessories

The Baseus Gravity Car Mount (Php890) in Black, silver, and red colors is an auto-locking mechanism that completely secures your phone in place—no buttons to press nor adhesive to install.  All I did was  clip the car mount on my air con vent then simply plop down my iPhone 7 Plus on the cradle. It also has a rotating back that allows for multi-view angle. It works for phones that are 4 to 6 inches wide and up to 10mm thickness. Look at how it looks inside my car:

Baseus tech accessories

Finally a car mount that works. My previous one kept falling off when I drive over a hump or a pothole. The Baseus car mount kept its hold even driving through some parts of Metro Manila. I also like how it can rotate at any angle.

Baseus tech accessories

Next on my list is looking for a powerbank for my iPhone 7 Plus.  This  Plaid Backpack Powerbank Case  is the world’s biggest powerbank case for the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, with a capacity of 7,300mAh. It is perfect for my Facebook live moments when I don’t need to lug around a cable with a powerbank in tow.

Baseus tech accessories

I chose the red one with 7300 mAH.

Baseus tech accessories

One needs to turn on the switch at the back of the case. Remember to power off the powerbank when the phone is fully charged.

Take note of the installation which is found at the back of the package.

Baseus tech accessories

To Assemble

1. Install the mobile phone by aligning the hole at the bottom of the protective case to the hole at the bottom of the mobile phone.

2. Follow the instructions shown in the figure above. Press the four corners in the sequence of 1 > 2 to fit the protective case to the mobile phone.

To disassemble

  1. Starting from the upper left corner, remove one corner of the protective shell from the mobile phone. Be careful with how much force you exert.
  2. Then detach the lower left corner to get the upper half part out of the protective shell. Then you can get out the entire mobile phone.


The SRP  of the  Plaid Backpack Powerbank Case is Php1,790, applicable to all powerbank case capacities, available for iPhone 7/7 Plus and 8/8 Plus.

There are many more accessories that you will find useful.

The AUX Audio Cable
For IP cable
Micro OTG Adapater
Retractable USB Cable
The Baseus MVP Cable (Php390) has a unique elbow-shaped design, making it suitable for charging while tinkering your smartphone. Its 1meter nylon cord is also very flexible, and prevents adverse winding.
Mini T Dual U Smart Car Charger (P890)

There are so much more , so check out Baseus Philippines on Facebook  or simply drop by Baseus Flagship store at the 3rd Level of Trinonma Mall in Quezon City.

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