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Glasses-Free 3D Tablet is on the Works


Everyone and their mother is happily jumping into the 3D bandwagon, as evidenced by the latest gadgets with 3D features. There are also manufacturers that are trying to make 3D viewing devices that displays the same three-dimensional depth, minus the cumbersome glasses. This technology, also called autostereoscopic 3D, is actually not as good as the 3D standard (stereoscopic 3D) because it doesn’t present the same depth and requires you to view the screem at certain angles to avoid blurred images. On small devices though, autostereoscopic 3D seems to work. A Chinese company named FuZhou Rockchip Electronics just made an iPad-like tablet that supports 3D sans the glasses. Currently, this device is just a prototype, but I certainly hope this hits shelves soon, and for a decent price.


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