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Are 3D Camcorders the Next Big Thing?

Looks like the 3D fad won’t end at 3D HDTVs and 3D gaming laptops; it turns out that the IFA 2010 trade show at Berlin next month will be seeing a bunch of 3D camcorders too!

aiptek 3d camcorder

American brand Aiptek will be exhibiting a new 3D camcorder called the Aiptek i2 next month. It has two 5MP cameras inside which can record 2D HD video at 720p. Besides 3D recording (though there’s no info on the mechanism by which it can capture images in 3D), it has an autostereo display that allows you to watch 3D movies without glasses! Its software also lets you upload 3D movies to YouTube, though you will need a 3D monitor and glasses to enjoy these. The best part is that the device costs only $199, though one has to wonder about how good the 3D quality of this device really is.

jaytech 3d camcorder

A German gadget manufacturer called Jay-Tech will also be unveiling a budget 3D HD camcorder at the IFA 2010. The Jay-tech VideoShot 3D Swivel camera has two lenses and two 8MP CMOS sensors that records videos in 3D. It has a 3.5-inch color screen that you can rotate to watch in landscape mode, a 4x zoon in 2D (though no zoom in 3D), a 128MB internal memory, and up to 16GB SDHC card support. Expect the Jay-tech VideoShot 3D Swivel to ship around Europe for 199 euro.


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