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Genius G-Shot HD520 Camcorder Rivals the Flip Mino

It seems like the new cameras coming out today are trying to ride the wave of success brought by the Flip Mino and turn a small handheld camcorder into a gadget with high-def shooting action. Genius is more known for producing headphones than handheld camcorders, until their release of the new G-Shot HD520 very recently.

Not only is this lightweight camcorder small enough to fit in your pocket; it can capture HD video at 720p resolution in H.264/MPED-4 format and 11MP still shots! Other features include a 2.5 LCD screen with 270-degree rotation, 5x digital zoom, 32MB of internal memory, and support for HCSD cards up to 8 GB. In terms of software, the G-Shot includes electronic image stabilization technology to combat shaky hands, and Face Detection to make sure your loved ones are always in focus. And with Z-lighting technology, the images will always be bright even in low-light conditions.

The Genius G-Shot HD520 sells for about $149. It’s not available on Amazon.Com yet, though Amazon UK is already selling it for £99.


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