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Flip Camcorder Will Have WiFi Next Year

wifi flip

I wonder why the Flip Camcorder hasn’t hit the Philippines yet. It’s already had several incarnations so far (the Flip Mino HD and the 2nd Gen Flip Mino HD), but the basic model still has to be purchased Stateside. Wonder if the big names of handheld digital camcorders are keeping the Flip out of the Philippines on purpose?

In any case, there’s a new Flip gadget to watch out for next year. According to its manufacturer Pure Digital, the Flip will have WiFi connectivity for instant video upload. To keep costs low, the Flip won’t be having touchscreen technology, but it will have a larger sliding screen that has the record and menu buttons hidden underneath. Too bad they didn’t think of releasing the new Flip before the year ends; this would have made a very popular holiday present.


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