PLDT myDSL with speeds as high as 10MBPS at only P4,000/month

Who doesn’t want a strong internet connection at home? This holds true for me as I do most of my online work at home. More and more mothers and even young ones can work at home and it needs a stable and fast internet connection.

This also holds true for other families who live in digital homes that need a fast, reliable, wired Internet connection for simultaneous use on multiple gadgets. Here comes PLDT myDSL who came up with a plan to help you get the strongest DSL connection at home, with speeds as high as 10MBPS at only P4,000 a month. Of course, there are plans convenient for any budget as well, starting at the affordable monthly rate of P990.

PLDT myDSL says they have more reliable connections thanks to the continuous upgrades of its lines, most notably the ongoing switch from traditional copper lines to the PLDT Next Generation Network, which is being done without additional costs on the part of subscribers.

Going hand-in-hand with these improvements is an upgrade on PLDT myDSL’s customer services and a regularly updated website for news, product announcements, and promotions.

All myDSL subscriptions are part of PLDT’s Triple Play package, which includes unlimited myDSL, a landline, and PLDT online entertainment portal Watchpad, which gives you access to 17 channels and exclusive content, as well as the coming Pacquiao Vs. Marquez fight, live with no commercial breaks if you’re on plan 1995 and up and registered to Watchpad. Not yet on Watchpad, register now. And if you’re a non 1995 and up subscriber, you can still watch the fight for free if you subscribe to Watchpad Big Ticket from now until Nov. 10.

Get your family on PLDT myDSL now! Log on to

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