Taking photos with the Samsung MV800 multiview camera in many angles

I had fun today playing around with the new Samsung MV800 mirror pop camera. Two years ago, I reviewed the Samsung 2 View camera and brought it along with me to Singapore twice for a Department of Tourism event and the Nuffnang Blog Awards. You can see how much fun my companions had with this camera. My review with this camera got me also a lot of traffic from all over the world. Why not? It is fun way to encourage your subjects to pose for the camera. As proof, see my photos taken by the Samsung 2 View camera

This time around, Samsung launched the Samsung MV800 that builds on the success of Samsung 2View technology. This is also the first premium compact model to feature a 3.0” Wide Flip-out MultiView Touch Display. Samsung has designed the device from the user-upwards in response to evolving consumer demands in the segment for maximum flexibility, enjoyment and creativity.

The 3.0” Wide Flip-out Display opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Whether it is capturing the perfect self portrait to polish your online profile or extreme low and high angled shots, the Samsung MV800 can help demonstrate your photographic prowess. The unique screen tilts up and down so you can frame every shot and easily view back your images from any perspective. Isn’t this what most of us do online?

Now we are not just the photographer but part of the photo.

For style-conscious consumers on the look-out for a sophisticated and minimalist feel, the device’s ultra-slender design and contemporary metallic finish promises to make a visual impact.

The ultra slim and stylish device boasts enhanced picture quality and a touch screen technology. It has many innovative and user-friendly features to ensure that all users can relax and enjoy their shooting experience, confident of capturing even the most challenging images.

The Samsung MV800 camera offers an impressive 16.1 MP for premium picture quality, along with a 5x optical zoom lens to capture every detail in close-up and a 26mm wide-angle lens to capture larger gatherings in high definition. By packing this technology into a sleek and slim device, the Samsung MV800 is the ideal camera for premium-quality image capture on the move.

Its innovative Live Panorama function enables the easy photography of large groups by simply holding down the shutter button, then previewing the whole scene that’s been captured via the LCD. Moreover, by simply connecting the Samsung MV800 to a 3D HDTV, images and panoramic shots can be viewed instantly in outstanding 3D in-depth quality.

While the Flip-out MultiView Display allows you to take shots from all angles with ease and comfort, a unique Smart Touch 3.0 feature ensures a highly intuitive operation to save your fingers the effort! It enables you to drag and scroll through menu options to launch the required feature with a single touch. Smart Touch 3.0 also keeps it fun by letting users customize their background image or wallpaper.

Get Creative with Magic Frame and Picture-in-Picture Shot

The Samsung MV800 has been designed as more than just a camera – it is a creative tool for users to extract maximum enjoyment from all photographic opportunities. The Magic Frame feature includes 12 fun background templates, as well as the ability for users to customize their own. Meanwhile, the camera’s Picture-in-Picture function lets you insert one image with another. You can even use the Flip-out display to snap a self-portrait and put yourself in the picture!

Maximize enjoyment with Smart Filter and Funny Face Features

Smart Filter allows users to express their own creativity through a menu of 14 artistic effects. It includes the newly added Water Paint for a stylish watercolour finish and the Cartoon capability – transforming any photo into a fun animated film format. The fun doesn’t stop there. Funny Face allows you to bend, stretch and manipulate portraits of loved ones by tapping and dragging to radically distort facial characteristics – ready to share and enjoy.

Create your own Story

The Samsung MV800 essentially allows you to become the creative director of your life with an innovative Storyboard Maker. Users can prepare a storyboard from the images they have shot by simply selecting the layout, and then placing the photos in order. Whether you are creating a movie of a night out with friends or capturing a fantastic family holiday, see it laid out on the display as clearly as you do in your head.

HD Movie Capability at the Palm of your Hands

The Samsung MV800 also boasts HD recording capabilities within a compact body that will fit at the palm of your hand. Enjoy a consistently clear and crisp video technology and capture special memories with a recording time of up to twice as long as the standard MPEG4. The innovative zoom noise reduction technology ensures that the only sound recorded will be the laughter and conversation of loved ones, not the whirring of the zoom.

The Samsung MV800’s combination of industry-leading innovation, sophisticated design and user-friendly features, provides total mobility, premium picture quality and maximum enjoyment. The Samsung MV800 is the perfect tool not only to capture an image but also to tell a fun and creative story on the move.

Just like the Samusung 2 View, you will surely enjoy this ultra sleek camera.

For more information on the Samsung MultiView MV800, please visit:

The Samsung MV800 is available for P14,990 at all leading camera shops nationwide.

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