Look: I got an Airties Wifi Mesh from Globe to improve wifi coverage

Globe airties wifi mesh

I had an Airties WiFi-mesh installed .The AirTies WiFi Mesh are wireless access points, not routers.  They cannot work without a router.  It has two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Reset button. The Airties  extends Wi-Fi coverage to eliminate dead spots around the house and wi-fi performance of your laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wi-fi enabled gadgets like my Amazon Echo, Chromecast and Roku powered Streamwatch. Airties extends the coverage of my existing router.  The one I have is the Air 4920 Wireless Mesh AP / Extender which has specifications of 1600 Mbps 3×3 802.11ac + 2×2 802.11n

Globe airties wifi mesh

I had to get the services of Globe Tech Squad (1,200 pesos one time fee) because there are no video tutorials on the configuration and instalment. There is an AirTies app (available for iOS and Android devices) though aside from the desktop administration panel.

Globe airties wifi mesh

The dining room and the guest room didn’t have excellent wi-fi coverage, around 50% or less coverage.  This seems bad but before the Airties, I barely got coverage. I was told I needed one more Airties Mesh but I didn’t want to spend an additional 3,600 pesos.  I was satisfied that the living room and bedrooms received excellent wifi coverage. [Update January 20, 2018: I got a second airties for the dining room] and the coverage in my dining is so much better-EXCELLENT.

The Streamwatch and Chromecast in the living room had  excellent streaming so I was satisfied with that.

Globe airties wifi mesh

Like I said earlier, I got the services of the Globe Tech Squad.

With a one-time fee of P1,200, the Globe Tech Squad diagnosed the different spaces of my home to identify potential signal interferences, improve the Wi-Fi signal by recommending the best router placement to increase signal strength & coverage, and resolve connectivity issues with the necessary Wi-Fi mesh extenders and configuration. My router location is excellent.

They can also connect all existing devices in the home to the Wi-Fi such as TVs, laptops, security cameras, printers, speakers etc.

“Globe at Home has always committed to providing first-world internet to all our customers. Now, we want to improve the experience by making the Globe Tech Squad service available so everyone can maximize their Wi-Fi connection and enjoy watching the latest videos, play their favorite games, and listen to the best music available at home,”

Globe airties wifi mesh

As you can see in the above photo, the two LEDs (one for its 2.4GHz band and the other for its 5GHz band) at the front are green. This  means the two AirTies WiFi Mesh units are well-placed. If they are out of range, the LEDs will be red. Bring them closer to each other until their LEDs turn green.

Now if you will excuse me, I will watch news on my Roku powered streamwatch .

The Globe Tech Squad also offers Airties Wi-Fi Mesh, which extends Wi-Fi coverage to eliminate dead spots around the house and ensure that customers can enjoy Wi-Fi in every corner of their homes. The Globe Tech Squad will be able to assess and install the right number of Airties needed to ensure the major parts of the home are covered.

Globe customers can avail of Airties Wi-Fi Mesh via two payment options: upfront payment of P3,600 or charged to bill at P150/month for 24 months added on to your Globe At Home plan

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