Globe wants to #SayThankYou to me by sending 917 Bonus Globe Reward Points

Yes, I have been a Globe Subscriber for 18 years. And Yes, I am a Globe loyal subscriber. I received an email that thanks me for “letting us become a part of your life for the past 18 years. Yes, it has been 18 years! ”

The email added that “As an expression of our sincere thanks, please accept our simple gift of 917 Globe Rewards points for you to enjoy from September 17 to October 15, 2017. You will receive a text notification from 4438 once the points are ready for use.

In addition, because you are part of the Globe family, we are happy to share with you gifts from our partners. Treat yourself and those you love to delicious meals, shopping sprees, exciting concerts, or awesome adventures! ”

Wow, do I finally get rewards for sticking it out for the last 18 years?

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