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Panasonic Envio Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology

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The ridiculously high electric bills we experienced in the summer could have been avoided if our air conditioners were equipped with Panasonic’s trademark Inverter technology. Panasonic’s flagship intelligent Envio range of air conditioners have remarkable energy-saving features; its Inverter Technology allows you to save as much as 60% from your energy bills.

Panasonic’s Inverter Technology provides nothing more or less than the right temperature by changing the compressor speed according to the room’s environment. Once the unit has achieved the target temperature, it lowers the power output for lower energy use. Aside from that, the Inverter Technology provides just the right amount of power needed to rapidly cool a room. The target temperature is achieved 1.5 times faster than the typical air conditioner, meaning you use less energy to reach the desired temperature.

Panasonic even did a comparative test on two of its air conditioners – one with the Inverter Technology and another without. The unit with Inverter technology showed as much as 50% reduction on cumulative energy consumption. Not only does this mean more savings for home owners, but it also has lower carbon dioxide emissions than the typical unit.

Aside from the energy savings, the Panasonic Envio purifies the air as it cools because of the built-in e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor. Simply activate this feature by pressing a button, and it will measure the amount of dust particles in the room. Once the dust particles reach an unhealthy level, 3 trillion e-ions are released into the air to catch and deactivate the negatively-charged micro-organisms to dust, which are then sent to the positively-charged e-ion filter. This releases only clean air, allowing you to breathe easy and avoid allergies triggered by dust.

The Panasonic Envio Air Conditioner is available at all Panasonic retailers.

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