Fun Gadgets for Kids by Lego

If you’ve never built a house or a spaceship out of a bunch of brightly colored Lego blocks as a kid, I’m sorry to say but you’ve never had a childhood. I hate that you can’t buy plain old Lego blocks these days; they all come in these sets that already tell you what you’re supposed to build with them. Where’s the imagination in that? But that’s not what this entry is about. Lego is coming out with new toys for kids, but they’re not the kind you can build. Lego’s new toys are actually kid-friendly electronics built out of…Lego blocks. Or what looks to be like Lego blocks.

The Lego Digital Camera looks more like a film camera, probably because it looks so colorful. But the camera is actually made out of a solid piece of plastic to keep it from being taken apart by tiny, curious hands.

What looks like a walkie-talkie is actually an mp3/PMP player, although I can’t see where the LCD screen of this thing goes. Do kids even listen to mp3s these days?

The Lego digital camera and mp3 player will cost $60 and $19, respectively. No news as to when they’ll be launched but they should be out in the market soon!


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