Panasonic Toughbook Android Tablet with Business Solutions

Many tablets are designed for casual gaming and web browsing, but here’s a tablet that can do more than play Angry Birds. Panasonic’s new ToughBook Tablet provides business solutions with security, functionality, and reliability in mind. Designed to appeal to users like SMB’s, government personnel, and field forces, I can see the ToughBook tablet being an important business tool once it hits the shelves.

In terms of functionality, the ToughBook tablet won’t have the glossy screens that most tablets have. They may look nice, but the screen becomes virtually unreadable outdoors or under natural lighting. Instead, its screen will be viewable under day light, allowing mobile workers like home healthcare and public safety officials to view important data and operate the tablet. It will also have an active stylus so that users in customer service and sales to get signatures on its 10.1-inch multi-touch display. Other features include full-shift battery life, satellite-based GPS, professional-grade accessories, and mobile broadband connectivity. No news on pricing and availability yet, but full details on the device will be available later this year.


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