The Split Stick Duo USB Drive from Quirky


Here’s an innovative twist to the USB drive! On the surface level, the Split Stick is a 4GB USB drive, but it’s actually separated into two 2 GB areas where you can open and store files. The idea behind the Split Stick is that it does away with the hassle of using two separate USB drives for work files and personal files, or work-safe files and not-safe-for-work files. The Split Stick comes eight different colors – blue, pink, orange, red, violet, gray, black, or green – and can even be customized by choosing your own icons or text to differentiate between the two sides.

The Split Stick is selling for $19.99 at, a new manufacturer with a unique way of creating products that will actually make life easier for us. has its own community where anyone can submit an idea for $99. Members vote on the submitted ideas and the community chooses one that will be put into development for the week. Users even have a say in naming the product, designing its logo, and planning its packaging. The product is then available for pre-order and goes into production when it receives a certain number of orders. $.30 of every dollar made goes back to everyone who was involved in the product’s creation, from the guy who submitted the idea, to those who gave their 2 cents on how to market and package it. If Quirky.Com allows any ordinary consumer to make petty cash by participating in product development, it definitely looks like something worth checking out.


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