Asus Eee PC Box Launched in the Philippines

Asus, the producer of the world-renowed Eee PC released the Asus Eee PC box today. What an impressive desktop! When I first saw the Asus PC Eee PC Box, I thought it was a Nintendo Wii. I was about to exclaim “Oh a Wii!” thinking it was an ASUS substitute for Wii when I saw that it was the label “A Little Revolution in Desktop Computing”.

It is so sleek and elegant. Replacing the bulky and boring PCs, you can liven up your environment with a compact and elegant box. It is perfect for a Home-office set-up like mine because I want a minimalist workspace.

I am sure you will be impressed with the Asus Eee PC Box. Here are a few reasons:

1. Sleek and stylish

Merely just 1 Liter in size, the Eee Box is sleek. Imagine that it looks like slim paperback novel. You can easily reclaim the desk space previously lost to bulkier, intrusive desktop systems. You can even mount VESA LCD displays for the ultimate space-saving set-up.

2. Just 7 seconds* From Bootup to Internet

(*Actual Boot time subject to hardware configuration and product model)

With the exclusive Express Gate- ASUS’ innovative fast boot technology, you can easily access the internet , manage pictures or communicate over IM/Skype just 7 seconds after boot up. I tested this myself. It took 6 seconds to bootup but of course that would also depend on the configuration you need. I can just imagine the joy of your technophobe friends or relatives when they find out that the navigation is so much easier using the Express Gate.

3. Love your environment

The innovative ASUS thermal solution integrates a unique heat dissipation module with the AI fan- allowing quiet (26db) and comfortable computing. Compared to full-sized desktop solutions, the Eee Box’s energy-efficient performance reduces power consumption by up to 90%. The Eee Box utilizes Green Design and is made with only earth-friendly materials for reduced CO2 emissions . You can be socially responsible while working, learning and playing in style!

4. Work, Play and Watch.

Now this is the part which most of you love. The Eee box is the perfect choice for enjoying internet TV. With an IPTV player, thousands of programs are freely available–allowing users to personalize and watch lists of TV shows with ease.

5. Reliability and High Quality

I have been an ASUS user since I owned my first desktop, well at least for the motherboard. From then on, it’s been an ASUS motherboard for all my desktop computers at home. In fact, they say the Apple macbook uses an ASUS motherboard. I believe that the ASUS lives up to its name of reliablilty and high quality products.

The Eee Box, also known as the Asus B202 features a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD, Microsoft Windows XP Home, Card Readers, LAN, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and some models with Bluetooth functionality.

Priced at 24,999 pesos, I believe it is a good deal. You get a compact CPU, a 16-inch LCD screen and a keyboard.


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  1. i love the Asus Eee PC, it is very light, cheap and portable. I also bought another unit for my girlfriend and she really likes it.

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