Epson Printers and Projector: The Paperless Office Reimagined

My first printer in the early nineties was an Epson dot matrix printer. What a functional printer! It printed wordstar documents quite efficiently. When the inkjet printers came, I was disappointed to note that their speed got compromised.

Technology seemed to have improved because Epson printers are super-fast today. Not only that, I got introduced to a whole new concept that Epson is redefining.

Today, Epson Philippines launched its redefinition of its products. Epson redefines the Eco-responsible workplace with its new suite of efficient printers and projectors.

Don’t we all yearn for a “paperless office” to become a reality?

In the face of skyrocketing oil and commodity prices, companies look forward to a time when digital screens can replace paper and printing which currently represents 5% to 15% of all corporate expenditures exclusive of labor, according the statistics from the US Department of Commerce. What more in the Philippines? Companies are concerned with environmental responsibility, since the average office worker generates 2 lbs of paper waste a day.

For Epson Philippines the “paperless office” can be reimagined. Instead of making the paper obsolete, Epson aims for a more realistic goal of utilizing paper efficiently. Today Epson launched a suite of new business tools that are powerful, reliable and eco-responsible.

The Epson B500DN Business Inkjet Printer and Epson M2010DN Aculaser Printer are paper efficient printers that cut down office paper consumption by half through duplex technology, a back-to-back printing feature.

Then there is the Epson EMP-400W ultra-short focus projector, the ideal presentation aid in corporate boardrooms. This projector minimizes the need for thick boardroom handouts- another innovative way to save paper. Its ultra-short lens reduces distracting shadows and silhouettes experience commonly when using traditional long-throw projectors. Presenters are able to move freely without blocking the audience view of team members.

“Epson believes in creating the enlightened corporate workplace- the company’s unique take on the mythical ‘paperless office’,” says Senior General Manager Eduardo Bonoan. “Our new line of printers and projector help us achieve this vision— one that envisions every Philippine corporate office as an efficient and responsible place of business”

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