A Nokia Netbook on the Works?

Netbooks are THE best-selling gadgets these days, especially among recession penny pinchers. And with so many netbooks that have assume the role of mobile phones – fast internet connections, spacious keyboard, Bluetooth, and other features like SD slots, multi-touch trackpads, and USB ports, it’s no wonder that Nokia wants in on the netbook market. It makes sense, considering that netbooks are similar to smart phones, only they’re bigger and easier to type on.

Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (wow, I never knew what his name was and I never thought it would sound this…unpronounceable) says that they are currently working on a Nokia mini-machine that will battle the likes of the ASUS EEE, Acer One, and other netbooks on the market. That’s all he said about it though – not even the tiniest hint as to when we can expect to see this new netbook. What do you think of Nokia’s new venture?


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