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Internet/VoiP Phone for Overseas Pinoy from Smart Plug N’ Play

I am right now in Seattle for the 8th National Empowerment Conference. SMART Smart happens to be a major sponsor for this event (and also the the recent 2008 Philippine Blog Awards) and I was surprised to come across the latest service for Pinoy overseas called the Plug N’ Play.

Rufino Fermin the manager of the International Services & OFW Market explained that this service is so new that it hasn’t launched yet in Manila. They just introduced it to the Filipino Americans since a lot of them are in Seattle for the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) conference.

I asked two Filipino Americans who tested it out and they all said “it’s clear”. The lady above found the volume too much that she had to adjust the controls.

Everything is done on the PC or laptop. One gets a USB Plug with headphones to start. For as low as 7.50 pesos a minute, one can make calls to SMART Pinoy and SMART Buddy prepaid sims. It gets cheaper with Postpaid sims at 6.50 pesos a minute. One can also send text messages at 1.00 for every 160 character text to a SMART mobile number or 2.00 pesos to other Philippine mobile numbers.

I think it is quite an affordable buy at $40.00 for the kit. It’s easy to use, portable and SIM-secured. I look forward to have a similar Plug N’ Play set in the Philippines but for those Filipinos based in the USA just call ACESFOUR ASIA INC at 908.486.8690 on how to acquire this latest service.

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