DormVault Will Keep Your Laptop Safe


In the Philippines, laptop owners have to live with the fact that there’s a very high chance that their laptops will get stolen from them – even if they leave it at home. And if there’s any Think Geek product that should come to the Philippines, it should be the DormVault. Originally designed to for paranoid college students dorming with untrustworthy roommates (although really – what’s there to be paranoid about?), the DormVault is a big metal box with a simple lock and bolts from the inside, keeping it safe from cheap bolt-cutters. When the lid is closed and locked, the wing-nuts that keep the vault glued to your bed or wall gets locked in with your laptop. The DormVault can accommodate a 17″ laptop, and accessories. You can even keep an external hard drive in there, or small gadgets like your phone. The DormVault also comes with bolts and mounting brackets so you can permanently attach it to a large piece of furniture, like a bed or the wall.

Available for $59.99 at Think Geek.


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