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Asus Working on a Dual Screen Laptop

It looks like Asus is looking to redefine the laptop experience like no other manufacturer has. At CeBIT 2009, Asus unveiled a dual-screen concept laptop as a result of ideas contributed by Asus users all over the world. As a serious multi-tasker, I think I would actually buy one of these. Just like the iPhone and other touch screen mobile phones, it’s got a virtual keyboard that can be switched to landscape or portrait mode. Through hand gestures, multi-touch features, and handwriting recognition, the dual-screen laptop can be used in various scenarios: as a multimedia hub where both screens can be combined to form a larger display for widescreen video viewing, or as an eBook, where the notebook can be held just like they would an actual book.

Asus’s dual-screen laptop is only at the concept stage for now but just think of all the possibilities you can do with it if it becomes a reality!


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