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My trusty old APC mobile power pack died on me during my last day in Australia. Good thing it conked out on the last day because I used it a lot to power my iPhone. It was bound to die since I have been using this for over a year now. The battery life of iPhone drops drastically when using the internet and firing a lot of apps. So I asked Longbeard , my reliable supplier of gadgets, if he had some sort of mobile power pack. Of course he had a similar product and pointed me to his site : a Power bank external usb power station 5000mah which costs 1,800 pesos. I ordered it along with the ZTE MF 60 USB modem. (Yes I pay for all my gadgets! I needed to say that because of the many questions about my gadgets. )

The packaging is actually labelled as a Power Bank for iPad/iPhone on the top and below says “external battery for iPad”. Something missing with the description. Anyway, the gadget is made in China with a “popo” brand on the top. The USB power pack is quite compatible to many mobile gadgets aside from the iPhone. It can also power the PSP and mp3/mp4 players or any digital device that can be charged via USB port. There are 8 mobile phone connectors too.

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I don’t think I will need all of these connectors so I will just put it aside in case someone may need to charge their mobile phones. I was eager to test it and began charging the unit. The pack does not come with a USB charger though. While the Power station is being charged , blue LED’s will flash and once fully charged, all LEDs will all light up.

One has to power on (all LED lighted) the Power station to connect to the iPhone or other digital device using the USB cable. The 3 LED indicate Power station batter power level.

1 LED light means less than 30% battery power
2 LED lights mean 30-70% power
3 LED lights mean 70-100%

I charged my iphone till 100% and the 3 LED lights are still lit..

It looks like this portable USB power station will be a handy companion for my mobile needs for the next year or so.

Detailed descripton

input:5.0v, 1a(max)

Output: USB1 5.3v,500Ma, USB2 5.1V,1.5A(max)

can charge Apple ipad

Cell: lithium polymer

Capacity: 5000mAh

Size: 110x71x16mm

Weight: 160g

Charge state: 3LED display

Applications: Mobile phone,Mp3/Mp4,PAD,PSP,iphone,and Ipad.


Wide compatible

Double Usb output

Powerful with long operation time

Portable and convenient

Hight difficiency of power conversion

Electricity-saving function

User friendly,long cycle life,rapid charge

Package include:

1 X power station
1 X USB cable
1 X user manual
8 X mobile phone connectors

2 thoughts on “USB Power station for my iPhone

  1. Hey, how is it? I’m planning to get either a MiLi Power Miracle or an Energizer XP2000. Both costs around 1.6k with 2000mAh capacity.
    I recently got a 2000mAh China version of MiLi but doesn’t even seem to get my 970mAh battery full.
    And it heats up a lot when I use it. Did you actually get to use up 5000mAh? Your reply will be a really great help. Thanks! 🙂

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