Google+ Hangout Has New Features (Plus Anyone Can Sign Up for Google+)

If you thought Google+ use is on the decline, think again. The Google+ team just made two exciting announcements. The first is that there’s no need to wait for an invite – Google+ is now open to the public, and anyone can easily sign up for an account. The second announcement is that its video conferencing service Google+ Hangout just got even better. You can now “Hangout” with your friends on your Android 2.3 device, and their new feature called Hangouts on Air allows you to broadcast your video session to anyone who’s interested. Other awesome features include:

* Screensharing. Now you can easily show off your vacation photos or a computer how-to.
* Sketchpad. Collaborate with fellow artists as you doodle and draw together.
* Google Docs. You can work with your colleagues from wherever you are and write or plan on Google Docs
* Named hangouts. Like the chatrooms of old, you can join or create a hangout for topics like music, fashion, or sports.

Enjoy these features as soon as you sign up for an account at

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