Nokia Connects People in Times of Need


Many of us relied on our cellphones to communicate with our loved ones during the height and aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. Those whose homes and possessions were badly hit by the flood probably lost all means to let their families and friends know that they’re okay. Nokia answered the call to helping displaced families by deploying 150 mobile phones to different evacuation centers in Metro Manila. And they won’t have to pay for the text costs or call costs either. All the phones are powered by either Globe, Smart, and PLDT. Charging stations will also be deployed so that other Nokia users can charge their mobile phones and contact their relatives.

Aside from lending out phones to displaced families, Nokia employees are also distributing P10M worth of relief goods in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross and ABS CBN Foundation. It’s good to know that the big corporations are doing what they can to make life a little easier for the victims of Ondoy.

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