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The Nokia 6600 Slide confused me for a little bit because I could have sworn that Nokia already had a phone by that name. The first Nokia 6600 was pretty well known for its VGA camera, and now we’ve got a nice, sleek-looking phone with lots of good things in such a small package, including a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Nokia 6600 Slide is that it’s very compact – it’s such a joy to handle and it’s so easy to put away, even when I wear tight skinny jeans. The phone weighs 110g, a little bit heavy for its size but I like how it feels solid in my hands. In terms of aesthetics, the Nokia 6600 Slide is very pleasant to look at with its soft contours and polished edges. It’s got a glossy case which gives it a classy look…until you start noticing your fingerprints all over it.

The biggest downside to the Nokia 6600 Slide’s exteriors is that it’s a major fingerprint magnet. Every time I used the phone, I developed the habit of trying to wipe off the prints on my shirt before putting it away, but unfortunately the smudges are by no means easy to clean.

The 2.2 screen makes up for a good chunk of the phone’s exterior, and its display is very impressive in terms of color reproduction and contrast. The backlight is even, strong and doesn’t hurt the eyes; it also has very good viewing angles. Below the screen is the D-pad and the control keys, which work well although the center of the D-pad is not as responsive as it should be. There are times when I had to press down more than once.

A lot of slide phones don’t slide out smoothly, which causes you to drop them. The Nokia 6600 Slide, however, is a treat to use because it glides so effortlessly. Sliding the phone up reveals the keypad and its nice blue backlighting. The comfort of use is is amazing – the keys are wide, well-defined, and easy to press, allowing for fast texting with no mis-types.

User interface is the standard Nokia fare. They retained all the icons, so if you’re used to Nokia phones, figuring out how to navigate around the Nokia 6600 Slide is not a problem. The user-friendliness what I like best about Nokia, actually – I can’t be bothered learning how to use a new phone, and I love how their icons and menus are standardized.

Text messaging – the number one thing I use in phones – on the 6600 Slide is up to the task. The SMS and MMS use one editor, and it gives you the option to send a text message as an MMS. You can also change the text size, a feature that the farsighted are sure to appreciate. The phone book can hold about 2,000 entries, and each entry can store about six numbers – way more than enough. You can also assign a photo to each entry, which shows up when the person calls.

One of the nice features of the 6600 Slide is the music player. It supports a number of file formats, including mp3, mp4, and wma, has great audio quality, and has interchangeable themes! Unfortunately, the phone only has 20MB of internal memory but you can always add to that as there is a microSD slot behind the battery.

The 3.2 megapixel camera, however, is probably the 6600 Slide’s best feature. It has an image resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 and doesn’t have many camera settings, but the autofocus works well and you can get great pictures with decent lighting. The pictures don’t come out too detailed and there’s a lot of noise when the lighting is bad, but overall it makes for a good emergency digital camera if you forgot to bring yours.

Besides the music player and the camera, the 6600 Slide has a lot of features that might be useful to others but which I find no need for. These features would be Nokia maps, video recording, internet browsing through Opera, pre-installed applications such as a currency converter, and games.

To conclude, the Nokia 6600 Slide is a very capable and reliable phone that has so many useful features in one small package. Even if you’re not particularly used to handling high-end phones, you’ll get the feel of the 6600 Slide almost immediately and you’ll have very little trouble figuring out how to navigate around the interface. Overall, the Nokia 6600 Slide is the kind of phone that looks good and feels good to use.

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