Go Negosyo and Nokia Provide Business Tips to Filipino Entrepreneurs

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No matter what type of industry you’re in, mobile telephony is critical to managing your business, dealing with customers, or communicating with business partners. Since mobile phones are an important part of everyone’s lives all over the globe, the ability to communicate via phone is essential and easy to come by. Despite this, many businesses tend to neglect the benefits of using mobile phone communication for their business. However, Nokia and Go Negosyo plans to help educate Filipino small and medium business owners by providing them with fresh ideas and tips on business through the advocacy Go Negosyo Biz Ideas.

Go Negosyo Biz Ideas is geared towards Nokia users so they can discover how Ovi can help their business grow. Through their Ovi accounts, users can read tried and tested business tips from the Philippines’ most successful entrepreneurs, as well as articles on the benefits of mobile technology. To subscribe to Go Negosyo Biz Ideas, just send a subscription request from your Ovi Mail account to [email protected] Provide your personal info in the format NAME/GENDER/AGE/MOBILE NUMBER/YES (e.g. Juan dela Cruz/Male/22/09123456789/Yes) within the email body you’ll be sending to [email protected]

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